Basta perseguire i Marxisti


Pubblichiamo una lettera di alcuni compagn* Svedesi, mandati a processo per la loro ideologia. La lettera è tradotta alla meno peggio dallo Svedese all’inglese con google transletor, ma ci sembrava importante darne pubblicazione ugualmente.

Stop hunting Marxists

Europe is haunted by a hunt on Marxism and everything that it is said
to have caused. Murder, imprisonment, new textbooks and state
historical revisionism is seen as effective tools. Not least, the
Swedish government has taken the lead in this quest for what is said
to be an extremist ideology that inspires what the Swedish state’s
history authority calls communist learning processes that feeds

This campaign against the Marxist violence was clearly demonstrated
during this summer’s massacre of labor movement activists in Norway.
On the Norwegian right-wing terrorist Breivik specially designed
uniform were a badge on the upper arm with the text Marxist Hunter.
But not only this right wing terrorist sees Marxists as an inherently
violent problem.

Lithuania is now in line. This time, Marxists are hunted by the court.
The politician Algirdas Paleckis from the Socialist People’s Front
party is accused of having denied the “large and very large crime”
committed by the Soviet Union against the residents of Lithuania, thus
having “offended and insulted” the victims of the communist regime’s
aggression. The punishment for the offense is up to two years
imprisonment. Paleckis is critical of both the Soviet Union’s actions
and forces within the emerging Lithuanian state that both are accused
by him of a lack of willingness to negotiate.

But he also claims that there was an element of provocation from the
Lithuanian side during the liberation struggle of the Soviet Union
substantiated by the statements by former Defense Minister of the
Republic of Lithuania, a chair of the country’s parliamentary security
committee and post-mortem reports. Killing shots at demonstrators at
the TV tower in Vilnius was according to these sources contrary from
the official version. At least some of them did not come from Soviet
soldiers on the ground but from above from other than military
weapons. For this statement the prosecutor brought Paleckis to

There is also an offensive at European level. In October,
representatives of organizations in 13 countries in Central and
Eastern Europe together with Czech Prime Minister signed an appeal for
“European memory and conscience.” The aim is to assert Communist and
Nazi regimes equal responsibility for World War II and the crimes
committed during the 1900s. Thus, it is given the opportunity to
reduce or completely hide the Nazi collaborators and practitioners of
genocide in Eastern Europe by depicting them as freedom fighters
against the communist regime. Something that has already come to the
strong expression particularly in the Baltic States. Here SS soldiers
from the country are hailed increasingly open while the genocide of
the Jews is turned into only a German responsibility. The Liberal
States many concessions to European fascism and the exclusion of the
Soviet Union from the negotiations with Hitler in Munich resulting in
sacrificing Czechoslovakia and accept the annexation of Austria
becomes erased from history.

The national Swedish historical authority Living History Forum, (Forum
för levande historia) contributes in its own way. The authority states
in its materials on crimes against humanity and genocide in the
communist regimes in the Soviet Union, China and Cambodia that they
are the result of communist learning processes, starting with Karl
Marx’s analysis of the Paris Commune. Lenin is also said to be the
first to import the concentration camps to Europe which is a lie
because the bourgeois Finland was before. If the political views of
Breivik makes him a fool, you can certainly wonder if the Swedish
state is a madhouse. It’s not just during the bourgeois government
Reinfeldt as the state historical authority disseminates historical
revisionism to claim Karl Marx’s ideology as a cause of constant
expansion by means of violence against liberal regimes. During the
Social democratic government the authority behaved the same way. Two
out of three maps with the boundaries of countries and occupations
during World War II was designed incorrectly. It was necessary if one
wants to live up to the idea that Soviet Union unilaterally always was
expanding in line with the social democratic prime minister Persson’s
false claim ”that where the red soldier set foot there was established
the iron curtain”. Also the boundaries of Finland’s occupation by the
Soviet Union were forged as if this occupation with the establishment
of concentration camps for the Russian-speaking population and the
subsequent mass death never happened.

Active in social forums in several countries are now protesting
against the attempts to rewrite Europe’s 1900-century history and the
trial of Paleckis. There is reason for the popular movements in many
countries to protest against the hunt of Marxism. It’s rather an
attempt at whitewashing the prevailing liberal model of the EU
combined with the demonization of the labor movement and any attempt
to imagine a different society than about standing up for democratic

Tord Björk

Active in the Support Association for the ESF in the Nordic countries


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