Powerful dynamics: About 250 activists  from various social movements met on Sunday in Frankfurt, Germany, to prepare an international actvist conference to be held in February. The wide gamut of activists range from Occupy groups, Attac, the “Ums-Ganze-Bündnis” (something like “everything is at stake movement”), the Interventionist Left, to unemployment […]


Marce a Parigi 2012 – Appello a tutti i cittadini di Francia  Cammineremo con un obiettivo principale: aprirci a tuttx per una convergenza delle lotte e per appoggiare tra le altre cose la idea di creare una assemblea costituente.  Un manifesto di rivendicazioni chiare e precise che si sta scrivendo […]

Egypt: Solidarity with the Revolution on 25 January 2012 Egyptian activists abroad are organising protests for the continuation of the revolution and calling for the downfall of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) on 25 January 2012. Revolutionaries in Egypt will be also mobilising on that day, which […]


Human Rights Delegation: The incident is an extrajudicial execution and mass massacre. ŞIRNAK – IHD (Human Rights Association) and MAZLUMDER (The Association of Human Rights and Solidarity For Oppressed People) delegations, who prepared a preliminary monitoring report by on-site examining the incident of the massacre of villagers bombed by war […]

The Thematic Social Forum “Capitalist Crisis, Social and Environmental Justice,” which takes place from 24th to 29th  January 2012 in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, is quickly approaching. In face of the worsening of the capitalist global crisis, which increasingly penalizes the working class with the adoption of austerity […]

04 Dicembre 2011 Ucciso lo studente 21 enne Murat Eliboz Lo studente universitario 21 enne Murat Eliboz e’ stato colpito a morte dalla polizia durante la manifestazione organizzata ieri a Baglar,quartiere di Diyarbakir.Eliboz e’ stato ucciso da una proiettile vero usato dalla polizia di Diyarbakir. Dicle News Agency ha riferito […]


THE MARCH TO BRUSSELS: WHO ARE WE, WHERE ARE WE GOING, WHY DO WE DO IT We travel on foot the more than 1,500 km separating Madrid and Brussels. We will stop in Paris on September 17 to support the different actions of our comrades around the world that day. […]


Please find the conclusions in English:  http://openfsm.net/projects/austerity-debt-and-social-destruction-in-europe/blog/2011/07/06/european-conference-on-31-may-2011-in-the-european-parliament-brussels-in-partnership-with-the-guengl-parliamentary-group/ Français: http://openfsm.net/projects/austerity-debt-and-social-destruction-in-europe/blog/2011/07/06/conference-europeenne-31-mai-2011-au-parlement-europeen-bruxelles-en-partenariat-avec-le-groupe-parlementaire-guengl/ Espanol: http://openfsm.net/projects/austerity-debt-and-social-destruction-in-europe/blog/2011/07/06/conferencia-europea-31-de-mayo-de-2011-en-le-parlamento-europeo-bruselas-en-colaboracion-con-el-grupo-parlamentario-guengl/ Deutsch: http://openfsm.net/projects/austerity-debt-and-social-destruction-in-europe/blog/2011/07/06/europaische-konferenz-am-31-mai-2011-im-europaparlament-brussel-%E2%80%93-gemeinsam-mit-dem-parlamentsklub-guengl/ As pdf in 4 languages: http://www.transform-network.net/uploads/media/coordinate_our_strengths.pdf The press conference: http://ec.europa.eu/avservices/player/streaming.cfm?type=ebsvod&sid=181106 ENGLISH Austerity, debt, social destruction in Europe: stop ! Coordinate our strengths – Democratic alternatives are necessary and possible! Our conclusions – our convergences This conference reflects […]

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