Incontro di movimento a Frankfurt


trasporti pubbliciPowerful dynamics: About 250 activists  from various social movements met
on Sunday in Frankfurt, Germany, to prepare an international actvist
conference to be held in February. The wide gamut of activists range from
Occupy groups, Attac, the “Ums-Ganze-Bündnis” (something like “everything
is at stake movement”), the Interventionist Left, to unemployment
initiative groups, anti-racist networks and student protest initiatives,
representatives of unions, Solid, the Green Youth Party and the Left Party.
Many participants from other countries were also present.

The purpose of this activst conference held on February 24-26 in Frankfurt
am Main will be to choreograph a series of protests in the coming months
against austerity measures dictated by the profiteers of the financial und
economic crisis. The main focus of Sunday’s discussion was to plan and
mobilize days of action in Frankfurt in mid May, as well as long term
campaign consideration through 2013. There are already ideas of united mass
demonstration, and blockades at the banking center. The goal should be a
pan-European mobilization towards Frankfurt, to display an unmistakable
sign of international solidarity and resistance.

Shortly after the activist conference in Frankfurt there will be another
European preparatory meeting in Milan on March 31st. On the same day the
Communist “Ums-Ganze-Bündnis” is calling for a demonstration at the
construction site of the new ECB building in Frankfurt. On May 12th there
will be additional plans for a decentralized global day of protest, which
is being prepared especially by Spanish, Portuguese and English-speaking
“The so-called Eurozone bailout funds (lit. translated “emergency
parachute”) have caused a large strata of the population into poverty and
have dismantled people’s democratic rights in Europe – this has been
significantly propagated by the German Federal Government as well as the
“Troika” of EU, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary
Fund”, said Martin Behrsing of the Unemployment Forum of Germany. “But for
the resistance to be able to succeed, it is high time to unite our forces
and to think together about how and what kinds of protests will need to
take place in 2012 .”

Roland Süss of Attac added: “Our goal is to oppose social austerity and
the authoritarian transformation in Europe and to stand for a social and
democratic Europe. A Europe united in solidarity, at the financial site and
seat of the ECB in Frankfurt  in May, also means that we will give a loud
voice to European protestors who are suffering from German austerity
“With mass actions of civil disobedience in May, with an effective blockade
of the ECB and the whole financial center of Frankfurt, we want to bring
forth our resistance toward the center of the crisis and into the heart of
“the beast”. We are denouncing our complicity with a policy that is trying
to dump the consequences of the capitalist crisis on the wage-dependent,
the unemployed and the poor through an unprecedented program of
impoverishment, especially in Greece, Italy and Spain, as well as in this
country.” Gerda Maler explained,  clarifying the goals of the
Interventionist Left’s upcoming activist campaigns.

Network building event for international activists conference

Frankfurt am Main, January 24, 2012


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