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madrid15M assemblies and other groups and social organiza­tions
prepare the week of struggle

 For a Europe of the people, against

the European Union of the Markets’

The week of struggle will take place from the 11th until the 17th of March in Madrid and other Spanish cities and the rest of Europe, with the fulfillment of various activities, lectures and a forum in the Madrid´s central city square, the Puerta del Sol, as well as other engagements.

The summons of the Citizen´s Re-Action Taskforce, formed by the 15M popular assemblies along with other groups, organizations and platforms, in the context of the economic summit of the European Union to be held in Brussels on the 14th and 15th of March.

On Wednesday, March 13 saucepans will be banged outside the headquarters of the European Union,
and on Saturday 16, at 6 pm, there will be a demonstration, the route of which will be from the Plaza de Sol
to Plaza de España.

Madrid, March 5, 2013. – Between the 11th and 17th of March there will take place in Madrid various information campaigns and protests convened by the Citizen´s Re-Action taskforce. This taskforce comprises people of fifty assemblies, groups and organizations, and has already carried out protests in 2012 such as ‘13O Global Noise’, ‘We Do Not Owe We Will not Pay’, or ‘Deconstructing Lies, Constructing Alternatives’. The week of struggle is framed within the context of the economic summit of the European Union to be held on the 14th and 15 th of March, and of the counter-summit that various social movements and organizations across Europe are preparing.

With the week’s struggle the demand is for a Europe where direct democracy permits the imposition of the rights of individuals and populations contrary to the interests of the markets, and in which policies are not imposed by the European Council and the Troika, institutions which are neither democratic nor serve the interests of citizens. This is yet another show of opposition to an economic system that plunders entire populations and their resources and perpetuates inequality and injustice, maximizing a capitalist profit that overrides any social or environmental rights; where the managers of financial institutions that have caused the crisis are placed in high positions of national governments and in the upper echelon of agencies like the IMF or the ECB, while the presidents and ministers end up in the management boards of large companies and banks favored during their terms of office.


Among the events planned, on Wednesday, March 13 there will be a saucepan banging demonstration outside the headquarters of the European Union in Madrid (Paseo de la Castellana, 46), at 7pmin which will take place as well, performances and the reading of a united Manifesto. (Manifesto:­tracumbre-ue/).

The following day, March 14, in the Puerta del Sol a Forum will be held “For a Europe of the people”, with the participation of various assemblies and collectives from 7 pm onwards.

The main event of the week will be the demonstration on Saturday March 16 at 6 pm, which will cover the core of Madrid, from the Plaza de España to the Puerta de Sol, via the Gran Via and Alcala Road. (Poster

In addition, since last February a series of talks and discussions have been taking place in various parts of the Community of Madrid on the economic policies of the European Union and its impact on citizens.

To the complaints made about the EU market, the Citizen´s Re-Action Taskforce links a series of economic and political proposals to build a Europe of the people, which are laid down in its manifesto. These demands are framed in 11 areas: Treaties and agreements of the EU/ Debt/ Privatization and Cutbacks/ Fiscal System/ Labor Framework/ Housing/ Financial System/ Ecology/ Rights and Freedoms of Migrants/ Demilitarization/ and Real Democracy.

We call for demonstrations for the repeal of the European treaties, for conducting a citizen´s audit of public debt and non-payment of the part considered illegitimate; to demand criminal and property liability for the managers and beneficiaries of the crisis; for the immediate end of cutbacks and privatizations and the recovery of privatized enterprises and services 100% public, universal and of quality, for the implementing of a sufficient tax system, progressive and fair and the elimination of fraud and tax havens; for the repeal of the labor reform laws and the implementation of a new framework of conditions and labour relations; for the regulation of the property market, the suspension of evictions, for the conversion of empty and flats emptied by evictions into community rented housing; for a public financial system, democratic and under social control that serves to meet the needs of the people; for the rights of migrants; for the cessation of military operations and police repression; for a real and participatory democracy.”

The Transversal Citizen´s Re- Action Taskforce is formed as a meeting of 15M popular assemblies, organizations and platforms, aimed to coordinate actions and campaigns, such as the demonstrations of last September 22 “Deconstructing Lies, Building Alternatives” and the October 13 “Global Noise /We do Not Owe We do Not pay “, which will start again with this mobilization.

In the preparatory meetings of the mobilizations around the “European Action Day” March 2013 members of 53 groups, organizations and assemblies have participated.

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