Fascisti nel governo tecnico Greco

Il governo di unità nazionale Greco ha imbarcato al suo interno come ministro il fondatore del partito neop-nazista greco. Ecco cosa l’europa chiede ai governi.
Makis Voridis, an infamous new-nazi, has been appointed Minister of Transport in the new “National Salvation” government of Loukas Papademos. (http://www.guardian.co.uk/gall/0,,711990,00.html)
Voridis was in the ’80s the leader of the youth of EPEN, the party of the Greek Junta (1967-1974).
In the 90’s he co-founded the extreme racist “Hellenic Front” and become its president until its disollution in 2005.
In 1997 “Hellenic Front” organised a summit with speakers among other, Karl Lang (Front National, the party of Jan Mari Lepen) and Frank Vanheke (Vlaams Block).
“Hellenic Front” run a constant campaign against refuges, immigrands and Turks.
In the general elections of 2000 “Hellenic Front” collaborated with “First Line”, the party of Kostas Plevris (his son is now a MP elected, as Voridis, with LAOS).
Kostas Plevris was the founder of the nazi organasation “4th of August” and the author of several  extreme antisemitic books and artickles.
Three more members of the fascist LAOS have taken posts in the new government.
The attached pictures are from old posters of the “Hellenic Front”.  
The slogan on the first one is:
When I grow up, Greece will have 3.500.000 foreigners. Stop it
The second
Is Greece… Greek?
The third
Europe has borders. No to Turkey
Now the leader of this gang is a Minister in a government that calls itself a “National Salvation Government”.
By the way, (allthough I think it is wrong to speak today about a Junta) the Junta was also calling its 1967 coup a “National Salvation Revolution”.
Sotiris Kontogiannis


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