Appello per una mobilitazione internazionale di solidarietà in favore dell’Egitto

Dear comrades,
The Egyptian Revolution hangs in balance, as protesters in Tahrir Square and elsewhere battle the riot police of the ruling military junta. Responding to appeals from Egyptian activists, Middle East and North Africa Solidarity in Britain has issued the following call for international solidarity action. Please respond immediately. Tahrir has inspired a wave of movements around the world. We must not let it go down to defeat.
In comradeship,
Alex Callinicos

Egypt: Appeal for International Solidarity Mobilisation
Posted on November 20, 2011
A call for international solidarity with protests in Egypt

Hundreds of thousands of protesters are braving tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannon and live ammunition in demonstrations against the ruling military council in Egypt. By late on 20 November there were an estimated 100,000 in Tahrir Square according to eyewitness accounts and thousands protesting in every major city in Egypt. Their demands are clear: the downfall of Marshal Tantawi and Mubarak’s generals. As of Sunday 5 people at least had been killed and around 1000 injured.

The Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions issued a call on Saturday 19 November to its 1.4 million members in affiliated unions to join the protests in Tahrir.

Our brothers and sisters in Egypt inspired us all with their courage over the past ten months. Without them, would we have seen the Occupy movement? How would our own struggles against austerity and cuts look without the model of the Egyptian revolution, and the knowledge that ordinary people can change the world?

If you are organising a protest or a picket, particularly if you can mobilise support from the trade union movement in solidarity with the call from the Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions, please let us know. We will list as many protests as we can on this page. Either leave a comment on this page or email

. Send us pictures and we will publish them too.


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