Documento dell’incontro internazionale contro il G20


Pubblichiamo il documento che uscito dagli inocntri internazionali tenutesi dopo il contro vertice di Nizza del G20

Notes of the „Global Assembly“ during the Peoples Forum in Nice, 3rd November 2011

Approximately 100 persons participated in the Global Assembly during the Peoples Forum in
Nice. These persons came from different countries and regions in the world, from different social
movements, trade unions and other civil society organisations as well as from the indignados and
some from political parties.

The proposed focus of the discussion was to share reflections, ideas and proposals as regards how
to build more links and convergences between our struggles in particular with a view to develop
approaches and links that connect our struggles which are ultimately to change an economic and
political system which does not serve people and the planet.

These notes are in imperfect and incomplete collection of the main reflections and the main
proposals made on this subject. They are only a humble attempt to capture some key points that
have been raised by various persons and which shall help us to move forward and build step by step

1. All persons who have intervened in this assembly have asserted the wish and need that to
work towards the articulation of our struggles and movements towards system change.

2. It was said that in order to move in this direction, we need to embrace and work on the
following key issues:

a. the role of finance and the changing of the the finance system on our agendas, given
the financialization of economies and societies we experience today

b. the role of Nato and the military in this current moment of time

c. the development of visions and concrete alternatives for a life without oil

d. to constantly build the links between the social and the ecological question and to
develop answers that embrace both for both are interconnected.

3. It was acknowledged that building these convergences is a collective process in which we
have to engage, neither of us having the answer or the solution, but embracing several
principles that shall help us in the search and the building of it. These are

a. To honestly reflect and assess our methods used and to be open and ready to further
develop them, and develop new ones

b. To engage in a constant process of trying to understand the struggles and the
concerns of other movements and groups, and not only to explain one owns struggle
only, working towards understanding, towards the building of confidence and guided
by the knowledge that we are working towards the same direction and objective,
even if our starting points might be very different.

c. To work towards the building a joint analysis and based on this on our alternatives
and solutions and through that also build links between struggles and build the link

between the social, ecological and democratic challenges we face.

d. To build jointly strategies, actions and mobilizations, using both the experiences
of new and emerging struggles – e.g. from the Arab Spring and the Indidgnados
movement – as well as the experiences from the older struggles. Regardless
whether „old“ or „new“ movement, we need to learn from each other and build the
convergence together. It was emphasized that the actions and mobilizations need to
aim to bring the word to people and to be out in the squares.

e. To not define our own spaces in which each of us works as our own territories to
which we invite other movements to come in for dialogue but to build spaces of
diaolgue without creating barriers.

f. To work towards the convergences of our struggles based on these principles at all
levels – local, national, regional and global.

4. As a next step it was agreed to share these results with others and to continue this kind of
reflections in different spaces that will occur.

5. For the global level, two concrete proposals where this reflection and the convergences can
be further build are:

a. The proposal presented by the Brazlian movements, which invite movements to
engage in such a process, taking the upcoming Rio+20 Meeting as a key moment to
work towards.

It was presented that the Brazilian groups together with some others had met
recently in Porto Alegre for an international seminar to discuss this idea. A call for
Rio and for this process is in the building. One key moment to build together this
work will be the thematic World Social Forum in Porto Alegre 24 to 28 of January
2012. People interested in this can contact or

Another key moment will be COP17 in Durban, as defined in Dakar, as part of our
timeline of action. G20 +COP17 + Rio+20 (one stop in WSF to organize ourselves).
People are free to incorporate other agendas like Water Summit (France), UNCTAD,
COP11 Biodiversity (India) etc. It is important to understant all the initiatives as a
acumulative processes to enhence our movement towards system change.

b. The proposal of Mexican groups with a view to the next G20 meeting, to take place in
Mexico, just before the Rio+20 meeting. They had presented among others ideas to
continue working with an international group for the preparation of the mobilization
there, to develop descentralized proposals for action, seminars on alternatives with
parliamentarians and also to work out a common plattform of demands.

6. Besides these proposals and key moments (COP in Durban, G20 in Mexico and Rio+20) other
moments of struggles mentioned in the discussion where this discussion and convergence
can be build are

a. 18 December – World Day of Migrants

b. The proposal of the Italian WSF group to do a european seminar/meeting in Milano
in February 2012

c. March 2012 – World Water Forum and the countersummit FAME in Marseille

d. The next WSF in 2013 to take place in the Maghreb region (Tunis or Egypt).


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