Solidarietà dai partecipanti al G20 alla Grecia

The g20 is about to mobilise all its strenght against the Greek population to impose , with or without its assent, the new austerity plan.

This plan will bring more suffering in Greece and threatens all the people in europe.We, the Participants in the people’s forum oppose any pressure on the Greek people, wether it would come from the g20, the imf, the worldbank, the eu or from its own  governments, all disqualified by their past policies to fix the greek crisis.

We assert our solidarity against the inhumane living conditions wich have been imposed on the population for more than one year, against the denial of any democratic debate and against any mean to deprive the greeks from deciding the alternatives they want in opposition to the current policies.

We support their struggles for dignity, social justice and their right to decide their future.

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