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We have a new board as of January 2012, and are now working towards the national conference 1 – 4 november 2012.

I am sending you this mail in order to gain information about the status in the different national, regional and world social forum. We understand that the European Social Forum 2012 have been cancelled. And would appreciate it very much if someone could provide us with updates on the current situation.

We are eager to engage if there is any suggestions on how the Norwegian Social Forum may contribute to revitalize the ESF.

This is furthermore a preliminary step in the programming of the Norwegian conference 2012.

The Norwegian conference has decided on three main tracks.

1. Environment
2. Rascism
3. Financial crisis – Towards a new democracy

We are off course open to suggestions from the different social forums on how to explore these topics.

I hope you will reply to this mail and respond briefly on two short questions.

1. What is the status of the social forum in your country/region?

2. Do you have any initial thoughts on how to explore the three main tracks of the Norwegian conference 2012?

Hopefully this mail might be the instigation of a renewed cooperation between the Norwegian Social Forum and the other national/regional social forums.

As we are eager to renew our network with the other international social forums, we are also most grateful if you may provide us with relevant contact information.

Thank You


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