Lettera aperta a Barroso per la freedom Flotilla


Jose Manuel Barroso
President of the
European Commission

Dear Mr. Barroso,

Squeezed between Scylla and Charybdis, the two military forces of Greece and Israel, our nutshell Juliani with citizens from the European Union (Sweden, Greece and Austria) on board still tries to gain international waters in order to fullfill its mission of peace and solidarity.

In our struggle we have to face burocratic obstacles and lies of the Greek authorities who are presenting to us false documents like they did this afternoon when they blocked our way pretending that our flag had been cancelled. Being citizens of the EU, members of parliament and representatives of social movements we are treated like outlaws and confined to the boarders of the EU as if they were walls of a prison.

Is this the freedom of the seas, the freedom of expression and the mandate of peace the constitutional treaty of the European Union has prescribed you to fullfill?

We consider it as a shame how the European Union as part of the Near East-Quartett has quite simply become a servant to an extraeuropean power like Israel helping to cover up its constant violations of Human Rights against the population of Gaza.

Is this the understanding of democracy the European Union has opted for in a time when millions of people in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and North Africa are protesting against the unjust measures it has imposed on them?

Every day that we are passing on the Mediterranian we are more and more convinced that you have the power, but we have the right to wage this legitimate struggle and that the obstacles you impose will never discourage us from the pursuit of our just cause. Don’ t forget that history in the long run always has punished those who have allied themselves with the oppressors.

In the name of the same democratic order you are constantly refering to and in the name of an international order of global peace and justice we therefore demand:


on behalf of the “Juliani”:

Dr. Leo Gabriel
International Council of the World Social Forum

Maria Pia Boethius
Writer from Sweden

Jabar Amin
Member of Parliament from Sweden

Stellan Winthagen
Swedish Free Gaza Movement

Livestream: www.freedomflotilla.eu


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