Indignati dalla grecia


madridFor a long time decisions have been made for us, without us.

We are workers, unemployed, retirees, youth, who have come to Syntagma Square to fight and struggle for our lives and our future.

We are here because we know that the solutions to our problems can come only from us.

We call all residents of Athens, workers, unemployed and youth, to come to Syntagma Square, and all of society to fill the public squares and to take life into its own hands.

In these public squares we will shape our claims and our demands together.

We call on all workers who are going on strike in the coming days to show up and remain in Syntagma Square.

We will not leave the squares until those who compelled us to come here go away:  Governments, Troika (EU, ECB and IMF), Banks, IMF Memoranda, and everyone that exploits us.  We send them the message that the debt is not ours.



The only struggle that is lost is the one that is never fought!


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