19 giugno sciopero in tutta Europa


Appello da Madrid per una manifestazione europea Contro il patto Europeo che vorrebbe ancora di più la distruzione del patto sociale.

19th of June 2011: let’s take the streets!


No to the ‘Euro Pact’, a new attack against democracy: we are not products in the hands of politicians and bankers.


Once more the European rulers have decided against the interest of the citizens and in favour of the big financial corporations. On the 27th of June all the European governments will sign in Brussels the ‘Euro Pact’, a socio-economic agreement for an international alliance according to which the countries of the European Union will legislate in line with the dictates of the International Monetary fund (IMF), of the European Central Bank (ECB) and of the World Bank (WB).


Should the various countries not respect the agreement, the International Agencies -the same agencies that brought to ruins Greece, Ireland and Portugal (i.e.  Moody´s, Standard & Poor´s or Fitch)- will renew their attacks.


What are the consequences of the Euro Pact?


New cuts for the public sector: cuts in the number of workers and salaries, an increase of the working hours; laws in favour of the banks; ties between pay and productivity; ‘flexibility’ of contracts and curtailing of the workers’ rights; increased casualization of jobs and within jobs; freezing of pensions and increase of retirement age; reduction of the investment in education and push towards privatization; increase of direct and indirect taxation and penalisation through fines, interest rates and bank commissions.

Once more our governments sign in the name of their citizen in favour of the large financial corporation as though the only way out of the crisis was the reduction of the cost of work and the curtailing of public services, while they leave tax havens, tax evasion and the economic choices of this system completely unchanged.


All of this is going on without a public and independent information that would allow a more transparent knowledge of the causes of public debt and of the role that banks and private investment have played in it.


Take the streets!

On the 19th of June in all European cities!

Together we can!


Called by las Asambleas de trabajadores de pueblos y barrios de Madrid, and

(*) The participation has been decided in the first National Assembly in Puerta del Sol and in other district Assembly


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